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[#Skipper] Skipper mermaid and sea twins (1993)

Official presentation

Body type: TNT
Hair: blonde, crimped
Earrings: white button earrings
Includes: Skipper Doll approx. 10″ tall w/blond hair & Earrings, 2 x Krissy-type Baby Dolls each approx. 2-3/4″ tall, a 2 Piece Mermaid Outfit w/color change “magic” for Skipper Doll ,& Mermaid Costumes w/color change “magic” for The Twins Dolls, & a Hair Comb.

My Barbie

I really enjoyed the fabric changing colors but I remember my parents did’nt like to let me play with such an amount of water 🙂 . Actually, most of the time I did not make the color change, that’s why currently the fabric of my mermaid Skipper is still working. Concerning the twins, the fabric has become more violet than orange…

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