Tips for buying or selling

Tips for buying or selling
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These advice only concern played-with Modern Barbie doll. If you intend to buy or sell a MINT Barbie Doll, a Mint in box Barbie Doll, or a vintage Barbie doll, most of these advice won’t concern you!

General tips

How to recognize a Barbie?

When you’re trying to buy or sell a Barbie, the very first question is: is it a real Mattel Barbie? As they were lots of Barbie clones, it can be confusing even if “she looks like a Barbie”.

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Tips for buying a played-with Barbie Doll

Barbie Identification

There are 2 types of Barbie Fans:

  • Those who are looking for specific models, and then try to identify the doll before buying it
  • Those who are just collecting beautiful dolls they like so they start identification after reception.

Depending of what you are looking for, Barbie identification can be your very first reaction or not, but in both case, you will probably want to know someday who is your Barbie Doll 😉 (otherwise, you won’t be here reading my site!).

Barbie value is always a complicated subject. I mean, if you really want a specific Barbie, you should not pay so much attention to its market value. However, if the price is really high, you might want to check if the model is actually rare or not. So don’t hesitate to crunch my database and to ask for help on my contact page 😉 .

Hygiene and cleaning

If you just bought a played-with modern Barbie Doll, I strongly recommend you to clean it with a disinfectant such as light pharmaceutical alcohol. Indeed, you don’t know where your Barbie doll was stored nor under which conditions…. I personally use my skin disinfectant as it removes bacteria and helps a lot in removing stains. Be careful, don’t use solvent such as nailpolish remover as it would remove the make up of your Barbie!


If hair is tangled, you can make a dry detangling or a wet detangling, using conditionner mixed with water. Try both and choose the method you prefer! Act as if it was real hair: start detangling from the ends, and go up gently to the roots.

Than, make a gentle shampoo, and if needed, conditionner to soften fibber.

Don’t be discouraged in buying a played-with Barbie Doll because of tangled hair: Modern Barbie Dolls hair is quite easy to repair! There are some amazing tutorials on Youtube to show you how to straighten or curl Barbie’s hair just using boiling water (yes, boiling water!).

Missing jewels

It can be frustrating to see a Barbie Doll with a hole instead of her legacy jewel. Be aware that you can still buy new jewels on some eCommerce platforms.


Tips for selling a played-with Barbie Doll

Clean it and brush it

When you’re looking for a second hand item, you generally prefer when it’s clean and gleaming? It’s the same for Barbie dolls. Please make a minimum cleaning to remove stains, dirts…

If you feel comfortable to detangle Barbie’s hair, do it!


Even if you don’t have the original outfit, try to dress your Barbie Doll. Nude dolls are generally less attracting. If you don’t have any doll clothes, it’s really simple to recycle an old tee-shirt you were about to throw to bin, into a quick, and easy to sew, Barbie Dress.

With these simple advice, a classic modern Barbie Doll can move from 2 or 3$ to up to 5$.

Identify your Barbie

Ok, your Barbie is clean and beautiful, but you want to invest some time to know exactly its model and value? Identifying your Barbie Doll can make you sell her at a higher price, or just help you in selling it quickly, because Barbie Fan will find it easily using the model name.


I hope these advice will help you in buying or selling Barbies!